A Few Words About Us

Madcat World Sdn. Bhd. (908695-W) is an MSC Status multimedia company that produces mobile applications, content and services for mobile and Internet operators. We have over 800,000 downloads in 201 countries of our mobile applications, ranging from our niche Islamic, lifestyle and health content to productivity, entertainment and games.

We are a customer centric, technology focused company made up of people who thrive on learning and applying next generation technologies timely and effectively.  Our focus on mobile applications allow our people to develop the skills needed for Madcat World to stay competitive in the market. This passion for new technologies is balanced by a strong business understanding – we are committed to building applications and delivering solutions that create clear and unparalleled business values for our clients.

Our business is focused on 3 main areas:

(1) Mobile application platforms (MADCAT)

(2) Islamic content creation, Facebook games and applications (www.nurmuslim.com)

(3) Enterprise productivity tools (BEAM)

Our web based solutions are built mainly on PHP, .NET, C# and Semantics technology to allow our technical team to continue to sharpen their programming skills.  We support Android, iOS, Windows, J2ME and Symbian mobile platforms.

Our Vision

To create content and products that enriches people's live

Our Mission


Deliver valuable, timely and outstanding service to our customers


Develop profitable, creative and innovative lifestyle content and products.