Business Enterprise Applications And Mobile Tools

Our key products in the suite of business management solutions are aimed at productivity enhancements for enterprises and government entities. Among products offered include a membership management system, eClaim and eCashbook for government entities.

  • E-claim, an award-winning claim fulfillment and management solution for government departments, developed in cooperation with Malaysian Rubber Board
  • Enterprise mobile application development, including Jobstreet’s mobile application, Oriental Daily News mobile application in Mandarin and mobile ticketing applications for Transnasional, Plusliner and NICE bus lines.
  • BEAM Membership solution provides a comprehensive membership management system for NGOs and similar bodies that offer membership.
  • BEAM Retail management solution for retailers, with focus on business intelligence by offering mobile point of sales and mobile delivery management (deployed for Anakku & Audrey at over 1,000 sites)


BEAM Retail provides market and sales intelligence to consumer goods/retail businesses in environments without access to point of sales hardware or Internet.  BEAM utilizes mobile applications with APIs that send information to client's backend systems.  BEAM consists of:

1. Mobile Sales Tracker - allows real time monitoring of sales and inventory, is integrated to backend systems, and can support up to 30,000 preloaded item codes.  Clients can now monitor the effectiveness of new product launches as well as receive constant business intelligence in managing inventories and planning.

2. Mobile Delivery Order - allows downloading of delivery orders, tracks the quantity received across multiple store locations, and enables stock checks.

3. Application Generator - enables clients to independently generate new versions of the mobile applications when there are changes in preloaded items.  Uses a WAP download site for easy deployment.

Technology Deployed in 2010

BEAM is designed for low end mobile devices with limited run time memory, using J2ME programming language with application size below 150KB.   The app runs on Nokia, Sony, Samsung (J2ME supported phones) where the low end phone will do.

BEAM provides offline data entry and storage capability on these devices, allowing sales data to be sent when ready which keeps data usage below 10 MB per month. We had to compress the data to store over 12,000 item codes prebuilt within the RMS database inside the Java kernel and keep app size small. An intelligent search functionality was added to ensure data integrity.

For the client to effectively manage the newest item codes, we built an application generator that accepts xml files and builds the mobile app online.  The client then uses a WAP site to send the new app to their sales staff to download. 

BEAM represented Malaysia in MEFFYS Awards 2011 under Best Innovation in a Mobile First Market and for the best m-Business & Commerce in the World Summit Awards Mobile 2010.  For more information, watch the video at

The latest version will be available in Android.

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