Suara 7 Mobile Communication

Suara7 is a web-based mobile communication manager that helps businesses and organizations build relationships with their customers and members. This is a measurable marketing campaign tool and would be useful for repeat interactions and information broadcast.

What is Suara7?

  • A Mobile Communication Manager
    • Send messages to thousands
    • Stores customer information
    • Integration to existing system
    • Direct publishing of information to web
  • Build relationship with customers
    • Keep in touch – Send greetings (birthday, holidays, festivals) via SMS or customized MMS
    • Get feedback – Satisfaction survey / suggestions
    • Send news, latest promotions, new services
    • Offer mobile coupons
  • Communication tool for internal use
    • Broadcast info/news/directives to staff
    • Collaboration tool for setting meetings, deadline reminders, etc

Why should you consider Suara7?

  • New Media for CRM
    • One on one communication
    • Extend to MMS, mobile app catalog
  • Measurable marketing campaign tool
    • Can track effectiveness of mobile coupons
    • Each SMS sent reaches intended target
    • Push advertising
  • Web based system
    • Central access to customer information
    • Scheduling & grouping capabilities
    • Contacts profiling

Suara7 Features

  • Web based application to handle SMS broadcast:
    • Registration of customer data (customer database)
    • Grouping of customers into broadcast groups
    • Scheduling based on specific date and frequency
    • Reports on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
    • Option to choose bulk or premium broadcast
    • Back-end import through MS Excel
    • Broadcast via short code 66335