About Us

Madcat World Sdn. Bhd. builds mobile apps with software development support and produces meaningful content that enrich people’s lives. Mobile apps built by
Madcat are powered by the Company’s core engine as a result of over ten years of experience and deep understanding of information technology and market
demands. To date, over 1.3 million users from all over the world have downloaded apps created by Madcat. Madcat is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Madcat World is a multimedia company that enables mobility and productivity services and develops lifestyle applications for mobile and Internet services
with Islamic content as our niche market.

  •  We are the leading provider of Islamic content and applications
  • Strong experience and capabilities in mobile applications and software development with proven track record
  • Multiple award-winning products and services


We are a technology based company that focuses on enabling individuals and companies to participate in the world of mobility through our technology platforms and engines. The rapid evolution of mobile devices is creating a stronger involvement and increasing dependency of users on mobile devices. Mobility will be dominant in people’s working and private lives, especially as a source of infotainment.


To achieve our vision, we continuously strive to:

  • To build innovative, useful and impactful mobile applications and content for our users.
  • To deliver valuable, timely and outstanding services to our customers.

Core Values

People are our greatest asset

Quality is our promise

Integrity is our belief

Customer experience is our mission

Making a difference in our community is our aspiration

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