Islamic Content Creation and Distribution Platform ( PeaceBeUponYou )

Over the last 16 years, we have successfully developed Islamic content and applications for the mobile industry. Today, we are the prime provider of Islamic content, services and applications such as the mobile learning app for Lifelong Islamic Learning (in collaboration with MCMC and JAKIM), Smart Quran (in collaboration with MCMC, KDN and JAKIM), PeaceBeUponYou (Islamic Lifestyle App – ), Al-Mathurat Bersama Ustaz Don, Bayyinah’s Ayah A Day as well as the legacy apps like Muslim Diary, Hijrah Calendar and Hajj applications. We are sought by operators for our understanding and capability in this critical segment. We have over 1.2 million downloaded apps in 201 countries worldwide.

Going forward, we are concentrating on developing Islamic communities both on the Internet and on the mobile by providing more meaningful content as well as
looking at Islamic based fintech.

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