MADCash is an initiative that provides access to micro-funds for WOMEN of B40 that have a critical need to start, or upgrade a micro business as a new or additional income stream for the household.

For this purpose, MADcash provides a platform for individuals and organizations to donate to the MADcash fund, which will be distributed to qualified women of B40 as interest-free micro-loans. The interest-free loan will be served through a weekly payment of up to TEN (10) months.

All repayments will be channeled back into MADcash fund to be UP-CYCLED to the next qualified individuals, creating an ecosystem of WOMEN FUNDING and GROWING WOMEN. In the future; where relevant and feasible, qualified individuals may also choose to enter into a profit-sharing arrangement instead of interest-free loans.

MADcash platform will also provide micro-business owners with a basic business tool / mobile applications to help them better monitor and manage their basic business operations, financials and reports. The tool will also serve as a financial and business information and education repository.

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